Getting started

I am excited to get this site up and running. This is a project I have been considering for a while, and finally decided to just start. I read a couple articles and listened to some podcasts this week that discussed asking yourself what you are being called to do right now. As that kept running through my mind, I realized that I have an answer now more than at any time in my life. Aside from my family, I feel that the most important thing I can do is to increase awareness and decrease stigma of mental health, particularly in the workplace.

My personal experiences over the last year or so have opened my eyes to the importance of considering mental wellness, and the debilitating effects of mental illnesses. I hope to use this site to share more of my story, and provide hope and resources for people who are learning about or struggling with mental health. So many people that I speak with either have personal experience with mental health challenges, or are close to someone who does. This is an issue that strikes close to home, and we need to be more open about discussing it.

It’s ok to not be ok. You are not alone. Let’s figure this out together.

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